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Personal Logo

Building Process

This logo is a first-edition personal logo, encompassing a pendant-like symbol as an icon which can be stand alone, or paired for horizontal or vertical text.

Bella Mirage

Apartment Logos

Bella Mirage is an apartment home complex, who wanted a logo that was classy but casual. These Logos were part of the ideation process of creating the final product.

Infinity Logo

Eco-Friendly Apartment Complex

Infinity is an eco-friendly apartment complex that focuses on the use of solar energy and zero-waste traditions. They praise their residents to participate in eco-friendly living to benefit the environment around them.

LISD Educational Foundation

An Evening For Education

1 Team, 1 Dream is an educational event for the LISD school district based in Lewisville, Texas. The event brings together athletes from across the district for awards and ceremonies.

Ranch Hands Rescue

Human & Animal Sanctuary

Ranch Hands Rescue is a therapeutic sanctuary for humans and animals to come together and heal. They focus  on the mental and physical development of humans and animals, and wanted that to be reflected in their logo.

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